Services Offered By Demolition Contractors

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There are two ways to demolish a structure. You can do it yourself or hire a demolition contractor. Do not attempt to do it if you have no expertise in demolition. The results might be catastrophic, and you may end up with personal injury lawsuits. The best approach to demolition work is to engage the service of a demolition contractor. So, what services and benefits can a demolition contractor provide? 

Who Is a Demolition Contractor?

A demolition contractor provides the services of tearing down human-made structures such as apartments and factories. The demolition process relies on workers, cranes, bulldozers, and explosives. Thus, demolition contractors are equipped with machine operating and explosive handling skills. 

Services of a Demolition Contractor 

Site Management

Having obtained the necessary permits, demolition contractors begin their work with site preparation. This step involves disconnecting the property from utilities such as water, gas, and electricity. Then, the contractors are responsible for removing hazardous materials from the site. The contractor will assess the demolition needs and mobilize the equipment and material needed. Lastly, the control sets up a perimeter barrier as a safety measure.

Conducting Demolition

In this case, the demolition contractor may opt for implosion or manual demolition. Essentially, implosion is the use of explosives to destroy infrastructure. Thus, the contractors can collapse a building in seconds using explosives. In comparison, manual demolition includes the use of hydraulic excavators and cranes to tear down a building. The following are common types of demolition techniques:

  • Dismantling – involves deconstructing a structure with utmost care for the building materials
  • Total demolition – involves tearing down the whole structure
  • Selective demolition – entails demolishing a particular part of the building
  • Mechanical demolition – is the use of machine equipment in demolition
  • Crane demolition - consists of using an automated wrecking ball

Site Clean-up

Demolition contractors also offer debris removal services from the site. Preferably, the contractor will help to dispose of the debris per environmental regulations. More so, the contractor will ensure that you can salvage and reuse some building materials. 

Benefits of Demolition Contractors

The demolition contractor provides value to their clients through the highlighted services. Firstly, the contractor will help you fulfill the legal requirements of demolition. Notably, demolition should occur under environmental laws and local bylaws. Engaging a professional demolition contractor will ensure that the task is completed within the confines of the law. More so, demolition contractors can provide high-tech equipment needed for the service. Also, the contractors have expertise in demolition, which helps to minimize the risks involved. 

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