Insight To Help You Protect Your Home With Waterproofing Treatments

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Moisture problems and leaks inside your home are not only a nuisance. They can cause an array of various damages, such as mold and mildew and damage to insulation and carpeting. When you need to repair your home from a moisture intrusion problem, it is advisable to seek advice and professional repair services from a waterproof specialist. Here are some recommendations to help guide you through the process to protect and waterproof your home foundation.

Consider Interior Barriers

You may be dealing with basement moisture from heavy saturation in the soil due to excessive precipitation or spring snowmelt from a high amount of snow accumulation, or because the water table in the area has risen considerably and caused moisture runoff to end up leaking into your foundation. The inside of your home is made up of a base foundation slab that is connected to the footer walls that support your home, but sometimes the seam between the two structures can allow moisture seepage from outside. As a good repair, it is beneficial to your home and your outside landscaping to treat your waterproof application from the inside of your home. 

An interior waterproof strategy will capture water when it seeps through cracks and seams along your concrete slab floor and walls. A wall moisture barrier along with a sump pump will collect and remove water from the space. This method does require you to remove a portion of the concrete floor in order to install the French drain system that will collect moisture entering your basement space, but it does not disrupt your exterior soil or landscaping.

Protect From the Exterior

Another successful method to waterproof your foundation is to apply an exterior system. This does require you to excavate the soil away from your home foundation on the walls you need to waterproof, but it can help you avoid excavating the inside of your home with an interior waterproof. If, for example, your basement is finished, waterproofing from the outside will prevent damage to the inside.

Your waterproof professional can conduct a thorough exterior waterproof treatment to the outside wall down to the foundation footers. They will install a vapor barrier which usually adheres onto the concrete wall to seal over cracks and openings. They may also choose to install a perforated drain pipe and sump pump outside to help facilitate the removal of collected moisture. 

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