Black Mold In Air Ducts: What You Should Know

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Does it seem like your home gets a musty odor each time you are running the heating and cooling system? The problem may stem from there being mold in the air ducts, which must be inspected and treated in case it is black mold. In this article, learn what you should know about black mold so you can get rid of the odor in your home and stay safe.

What Should a Homeowner Know About Black Mold?

When black mold is growing in the air ducts, it is due to the moisture levels. You may want to hire someone to make sure there is not a water leak in your ceiling, as even if the mold is removed it will come back if the moisture problem is not taken care of. You don't want to live in a home with black mold because it is a bigger problem than a bad odor; it can also make you ill. A few of the health risks associated with black mold include

  • Death
  • Blurred vision
  • Heart damage
  • Disorientation
  • Sinus problems
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Poor functioning immune system

It is important for black mold in air ducts to be treated by a specialist to make sure the problem does not get worse. For instance, the removal of mold must be done in a way in which the spores are contained so they won't spread and grow in other areas of your home. A specialist will likely dampen the mold with water to prevent it from circulating in the air. An exhaust fan may also be placed in your window to route spores out in case a few get into the air.

After black mold is contained, a specialist will likely use a solution with bleach to treat the problem. Bleach is ideal for killing mold spores and keeping them neutralized.

What Does it Cost for Professional Mold Remediation?

The price for mold remediation will depend on how widespread the problem is in your home. If the mold is found to be in other areas besides the air ducts, you can end up paying up to $30,000 plus to get it treated. The cost can be as little as $500 plus when mold is being removed from a crawlspace.

No matter what black mold remediation may cost, it is worth the investment if it means keeping you safe from the health risks involved. Get in touch with a specialist have the black mold removed as well as the odor in your house!